This guideline's page is required for chat mods to read. This may also apply to all administrators or higher.

Section: Chat ModeratorsEdit

What does "moderating" chat really mean? Well, simply, we know it is: watching/surpivising chat, preventing unallowed content, and to discipline users who do unsuitable actions, disobey rules/terms or a mandatory. That is actually the point of having chat-mod rights. If none of this applies to you, above and below of this guidelines, you have no reason to have chat-moderator rights at all.



You must do the following when you are in chat, especially when you're the only moderator in chat.

  • Watch the chat: when a case of inappropriate users disturb/disrup chat, etc.
  • Take action when: a user does not follow any mandatory, terms, policies, etc. or they intend to do a harmful, unallowed action, etc.


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