The Days LeadingEdit

Before all this happened, I was normal. Correction. I was as normal as a person could be. I had a family of 4, a wife and two daughters, a large house, I was living the American dream. That is, until my job as an antique's dealer led to strange consequences. The morning of the accident, I drove to the old apartment that was the "Old Ben's Antique's" store. It was actually a brand new building, but the owner was known as "Old Ben". I walked through the back door of the first level, where the shop was. The shop was organized in rows of random junk. there were windows towards the front. I signed into the book at the cas register in the back of the room near my entryway. Old Ben lived upstairs, and I could here him run down the stairs to greet me as he did every day. Today there was something diiferent. His face was ghost white, and he had a big red stain on his chest. Considering my mute boss was 40, AND a germophobe made me suspicouss. As I walked towrdss him to examine the stain on his blank white shirt, he backed away and pulled out a knife. With it, he pointed to a box on the table nearest me. He motioned picking something up, as he was a mute, so I picked up the box. It was no bigger than a DVD case, and maybe three or four inches thick. on it was a Post-It that read "OpEn" in large, demonic letters. I looked back up at Old Ben. Er, looked down. The poor man had taken the blade to his neck. On his arm was a message cut into his flesh. "DNT OPN". I instantly reconizedd this as a shortened form of "Don't Open", as would anybody. I decided to take the box home, and examine it there.

The AccidentEdit

As I got in my car, I began my short drive back to my house, I noticed I was low on fuel. There just so happened to be a station on the right, so I pulled in for some gas. As I unbuckled my seatbelt, my eyes fell on the box. I pulled it towards me, ignoring Old Ben's warning, and opened it, while in a trance. What I saw inside would make a robot cry. I was forced to witness myself killing my family, all while being watched by a small, hairless dog. As the dream came to an end, I felt really paranoid, like I was being watched. When I drove home, I noticed a small shadow by our door. As I drew closer, I found it was the dog. The dog instantly put me in another trance. I could see the dog, beside me. I was a ruler, with a crown and robes. I was in a room with a thousand servants. The dog said to me in a demonic voice "These are those who you freed. I will help you, if you save them, first." My gaze fell upon my family, in the front row. The trance ended. I walked through the front door to find my family. My wife stared at me, horrified. But before I could find out why, there were holes in her, and my children's necks. Then, my head began to hurt. I ran out to my car, and grabbed the wooden box. I tore that thing up with all of my might. That's when I blacked out. I woke up in a hospital bed. I had a hole in my neck, similar to the ones I gave my family. I glanced over at the dog in my lap. "You tried to save me, so I liberated you, first." Ever since then, I have wondered, looking for servants that I needed to save. A year after the accident, I write this, on a small computer at a closed library. But here's the catch. The virus I implanted into the text is a tracker, and all who open it I will set free. No need to thank me. Just say goodbye.

--Only-Alchemist (talk) 01:23, January 9, 2014 (UTC)

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