Many of you have never heard of, or even seen true fear. You have probably heard of Satan, Hell, Slenderman, and other demons, but there is one that resides above all the rest. It's know as the Fear.

Basic Description of the Fear

180px-Photo on 4-19-13 at 7.34 PM

A drawing done by a survivor of the FEAR

The Fear is a beast similar to the Rake in size and appearance. It has big, round, oblong eyes, similar to Eyeless Jack's. It is about 3 feet tall hunched over, and has an elongated head. On it's head near  it's eyes is a long broken smile. The Fear demon is thought to be a representation of Satan, and some satanist worshipers chose to worship it as a secondary god, similar to a God and Jesus relationship.

How it hunts and kills you.

The hunting style of the Fear is similar to that of the Demon known as the Slenderman. It hunts it's targets by watching them from a distance. While it watches victims, it slowly gains access to the brain and slowly picks apart the persons fears. It later uses these fears to drive the victim insane enough to believe in the Fear.

Once the Fear is finished playing with it's prey, it begins leaving it's mark in places only you would see. It's mark is defined as a very poorly written 666 scratched into whatever it is seen on. The victim would begin to wonder what is going on in his life, and since most victims know of the Fear, and begin to get an illness known as Fearparinoia. This disease makes anyone who has the illness seem schizophrenic to other people, but the Fear is actually making itself obvious to the victim. 

After a month or two after the first syptom, the Fear begins to appear in it's victims dreams. The nightmares the unlucky human experiences are similar to being stuck in pure hell. Once Fear senses it's victim can't take anymore, it makes one last appearance in a nightmare. The last nightmare is similar to the Rake dream; Fear is watching you sleep while sitting on the edge of your bed. The poor victim then wakes up, only to see the Fear bombard his mind with thoughts of the most terrifying things ever. The last thing the victim sees and hears is the rake say "Do not fear, I am SATAN." the Fear then proceeds to rip the victims chest apart with it's forward claws, and scratch a 666 into the victim's forehead. Fear then proceeds to eat the soul of the victim, and damns them into eternal hell. 

If you begin to see the symptoms in you or anyone else, do not tell anyone, at risk of them getting involved and possibly killed. 

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